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A Personal Note to You During This Stay at Home Period

Most of my newsletters have been about the economy and the stock market, because I feel responsible for your financial well-being. I wanted to send you one from the heart, because my primary concern is that you are OK. I feel incredibly lucky that none of my clients has been diagnosed with Coronavirus so far. I know that this is a statistical anomaly, as it is just a matter of time that COVID-19 reaches one or more of more of us.

 I feel cautiously optimistic about you and most of my clients. Everyone I call seems OK with the national call for sheltering in place to protect themselves and others. They realize it is a short-term sacrifice for a longer-term good.



Many communities are showing their support for one another by doing little things. Some are putting up their Christmas lights. Some are supporting the neighborhood children by putting teddy bears (or other stuffed animals) in their windows to entertain them on their “bear hunt.” Our neighborhood is one of those Many people are reaching out to neighbors they’ve never even met, offering to shop or run errands for them. We are seeing a lot of kindness and appreciation for each other.

Whatever you do, it is important that you continue to surround you and your family and friends with love and appreciation. I believe that this is a moment in time that we will remember the rest of our lives —like 9/11 or the subprime crisis or other major storms and unforeseen events that have upended our lives. We will get through it.

From the bottom of my heart, I feel we will persevere this health crisis. As a result, I believe your finances will also be fine. Please be well and good to yourselves.

Best regards,