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Guiding You to Financial Freedom

Investment Management


Our firm uses an academic approach that believes objective based evidence and low-costs matter. We are one of a select group of fee-only advisers approved to work with Dimensional Fund Advisers. Dimensional Nobel Prize laureate advisers include Eugene Fama (University of Chicago), Kenneth French (Dartmouth College), Robert Merton (MIT) and Myron Scholes (Stanford University).


The Dimensional approach focuses on academic research that isolates the factors that tend to outperform the broad market over long time periods and the risk characteristics that can be eliminated from a portfolio. While indexes are simply measures of an asset class, Dimensional funds aim to efficiently capture the excess returns of an asset class without taking uncompensated risk—and at a low cost.

As an example, value stocks have outperformed growth stocks over time. The same can be said for small-cap stocks compared to large-cap stocks. Company profitability is another “dimension” that exhibits potentially higher returns. Dimensional funds allow us to act as portfolio engineers, strategically tilting our portfolios to efficiently capture these effects in both the domestic and international markets.

We add value by designing and maintaining portfolios that help clients pursue their financial and investment goals in a cost-effective manner while mitigating risk trade-offs. Equally important, Prime Wealth can provide knowledge and encouragement to help investors stay disciplined through various market conditions.


Prime Wealth Management is under no contractual agreement with Dimensional and receives no compensation from them of any kind, nor do we use their funds exclusively. Investment advice remains objective and in the client’s best interest.